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In article <airliners.1994.910@orchard.Chicago.COM> Francis Jambon writes:>Usually wings are from British Aerospace (UK)

Right, except for the early (prior to the -600) A300s, which have
wings designed by either Fokker or DASA or both.

>Engines from Snecma (France) or General Electrics (USA) or RR (UK)

Rolls-Royce engines on Airbus planes is a common misconception.  While
the A300 was originally announced with Rolls-Royce engines in order to
keep with a European engine, all A300s and A310s have been build with
either GE or Pratt & Whitney engines.  RR is one of the many partners
in IAE, so an A320 could be considered the first Airbus to fly with a
RR engine; the first Airbus with a pure RR engine will be (or is, I'm
not sure) an A330 with Trents.

>The assembly is done by Airbus Industries in France (and now for the
>A330 I think in Germany).

Technically I believe it's Aerospatiale in France (Toulouse), not AI.
The German final assembly (DASA, Hamburg) is the A321 and soon the
A319.  Final assembly for all other Airbus models is in Toulouse, with
the the "green" airframes ferried to Hamburg for interior outfitting,
maybe painting, and other such final details.

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