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In article <airliners.1994.908@orchard.Chicago.COM> h andrew chuang wrote:>The B767-200ER is the only twin that barely has the range to fly
>nonstop from the West Coast to Japan, let alone other North Pacific
>routes, and the -200 is way too small for the Japanese market.

United flies the 767-300(ER) LAX-LHR, and that's further than LAX-NRT,
albeit by a measly 5 miles.  Capacity, or lack thereof, is undoubtedly
the concern in this case, even with the -300, but from Portland or
Seattle or Vancouver it would seem that a -300 might do nicely.

>The Rolls powerplant for the B757 should be the RB.211-535.

Yup, several folks caught my mixup.  I plead lack of sleep!  %-)

>|The CFM56 for the A320 is roughly 50% higher thrust than the 737 and
>|DC-8, so certification was probably not a no-brainer.

>If one compares the CFM56-5C (32,500 lb to 34,000 lb thrust for the A340)
>and the -5B (31,500 lb thrust for the A321), then the thrust increase is
>less dramatic.

Sure, but those two were certified at about the same time, and likely
shared whatever certification problems arose.

>But P&W already has a lot of problems with its PW4460 on the MD-11's.

Which I find rather amazing, given that the virtual identical PW4060
appears to have been doing just fine on 767s for a while now.  Why the
big difference?  I checked all the numbers and the PW4060 and PW4460
are identical in dimensions, weight, compressor and turbine stage
count, etc., so they appear to be identical except for auxiliaries and
not substantially different engines that happen to have the same

>|than the high-thrust CFM56-5C2/-5C3/-5C4 of the A340.

>I think the -5C3 designation was skipped.

I got that from AW&ST; they claim the three mentioned above are 31,200,
32,500, and 34,000 lbs. thrust respectively.  Not that AW&ST never has
obsolete data!

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