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In article <airliners.1994.906@orchard.Chicago.COM> Joseph Hall wrote:>Hmm.  Every time I fly American to Hawaii I'm on a DC-10.  What Hawaii
>AA route is serviced by something other than a DC-10 or MD-11?

A recent OAG tells me AA only uses the DC-10 at the moment to get to
Hawaii, unless I missed an MD-11 in there.  However, a while ago they
got 180-minute ETOPS ratings on their 767s, allegedly with the intent
of using them DFW-HNL.  I have no idea whether or not they actually
used the capability in that service.

United similarly got 180-minute ETOPS ratings for ten of their 757s,
intending to use them on the lower density mainland-Hawaii routes
(e.g. PDX-HNL or SFO-HLO) that used to rate a DC-8-71.  They never
actually began this service, I believe due to pilot objections, and
most or all of the 757s are no longer ETOPS-rated.

In fact, American may have followed the same course with their 757s,
as I recall an article noting that American had become the first to
achieve ETOPS certification on an RB.211-engined 757.  I can't recall
ever hearing where they intended to use this capability, nor am I
aware of any current ETOPS service with 757s by American.

>Is ETOPS a purely overwater thing, or do remote land areas without
>facilities count too?

It's generally thought of as overwater, but it's really 120-minutes
or 180-minutes or whatever with an engine out from the nearest usable
landing site, regardless is whether there's water or land underneath.

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