Re: Lufthansa advertisements, A340

From: (Joseph Hall)
Organization: Motorola Inc., Satellite Communications
Date:         08 Feb 94 02:15:28 PST
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Seems it was kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) who said:
>There are *very* few spots where you can't go with 180-minute ETOPS,
>and they're so small that it's not terribly inconvenient to fly around
>them.  Continental US to Hawaii is one of the worst but it can be done
>(and is done by at least American and QANTAS) with 180-minute ETOPS.
>Hawaii to the South Pacific is significantly easier.

Hmm.  Every time I fly American to Hawaii I'm on a DC-10.  What Hawaii
AA route is serviced by something other than a DC-10 or MD-11?

Is ETOPS a purely overwater thing, or do remote land areas without
facilities count too?

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