From:         Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         02 Feb 94 13:27:32 PST
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One of the reasons that the A340 didn't go with a larger engine
(perhaps the PW2000 series) is that there was a strong sentiment
to put a "French" engine on the "French" aircraft.  This is just
what I have heard, perhaps just France bashing!  

Indeed one of the reasons that the aircraft has four engines
is because of the lack of available powerplants at the time of 
its development.  The CF6 and PW4000 derivatives available 
then just wouldn't give it the sparkling range performance
that Lufthansa was looking for.  As it now stands, the aircraft
can legitimately claim to be the long range king among 
commercial airliners.

Just my $0.02...