Lufthansa and Boeing at psychological war?

From:         Robert Jacobson <>
Date:         02 Feb 94 13:27:23 PST
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Jay Vassos-Libove <> wrote:
>Lufthansa is hyping not only the newness of the A340, but
>the fact that it is a four engine plane.  I presume that this
>is to play on the (irrational, unsupported by statistical fact)
>fears of some travellers, about not having "as many engines
>as possible".
More psychology.  There may have been efficiency rewards, but I heard
from a Boeing planner at a public seminar, a couple years back, that
the two-engine plane was Boeing's own effort at psychological warfare:
appealing to the buyers and operators of airliners.  "Two engines
must run cheaper."
Bob Jacobson