Re: Powering portables

From: (James R Ebright)
Organization: The Ohio State University
Date:         02 Feb 94 01:35:18 PST
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Kurt W. Dekker <> wrote:
>Regarding powering portables, I recently heard about an incident where an
>aircraft was advised by ATC that they were several miles off their
>assigned route, 

Is this stuff Urban Legend (Aircraft Legend?) or is it true?

Delta now lets you run scanners except at takeoff/landing... ...some carriers
seem not to mind shavers, PCs, radios... Some seem to ban them.  There appears
to be little consistancy.

Given the huge amounts of RFI already existing, especially around airports, 
(some flight paths are quite near multi-hundred megawatt xmitters) I wonder
what the facts are.  Is there any non-anedotal, scientific information on this

(Karl, sorry to restart an old thread...but it died last time before we
got any really useful information.)
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