Re: ANA 747-400s

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         02 Feb 94 01:35:17 PST
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Christopher McGill <> wrote:
>    Was curious if you know how long a down-time this required and what type
>  of modification has to take place to "clip-on" the winglets. I'm sure it 
>  can't be too trivial, can it?

This has not been done yet.  The Domestic (was SR/LR) is designed to be run
on the short hops for 15 to 20 years and then have the wingtip extensions
and winglets installed to run out the rest of the airframe's life in
long-haul service.  This is actually a pretty nifty deal for those who run
747s on both long and short routes.  

My guess is that this mod would be performed during a heavy maintenance
check (often a month or more in duration) and have the interior
reconfigured at the same time.

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