Re: Lufthansa advertisements, A340

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         02 Feb 94 01:35:09 PST
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Jay Vassos-Libove <> wrote:
> [gobs deleted]
>(Technical question, to justify the posting... WHY did Airbus
>design a 4 engine plane in the days of large Twins??)

There are two reasons that I'm familiar with.  One, there were no engines
large enough at the time of the A340's launch.  Note the 777 launched later
and has a very aggressive engine development program in order to support
the first flight date.  The A330 has relatively large engines, but not big
enough to give the heavier A340 the range it needed.

The more politically correct (in Europe) answer is that the direct
operating costs are reduced with four engines because of weight savings
due to the dead weight bending moment relief of the outboard engines.
This is extremely difficult to quantify, particularly given the announced
level of wing commonality between the A330 and the A340.  Makes one wonder
which airplane is carrying the weight penalty of the other's engine

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