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From: (Joe Natharoj Juisai)
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Date:         17 Jan 94 01:33:53 PST
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>Foreign carriers, especially Asian, seem to switch engine vendors (due to
>political reasons as well as other factors) more often than the U.S.
>airlines.  Another example was Thai International's switching from the
>CF6-80C2 to the PW4158 for its A300B4-600 planes. I seem to remember the
>reason was because the Thai government believed that P&W had more influence
>and connection with the U.S. Congress than GE.  It was a government decision
>rather than an airline decision.

I distinctly remember this problem that Thai Airways had.  I was in Thailand and the local paper stated that some Royal Thai Air Force Generals wanted the PW engines because of personal reasons, not political (US politics) reasons.  It had nothing to do with influence and connections with Congress, but with influence and connections with the RTAF brass.

Also, the switch was for the MD-11s.

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