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From: (Nickolas E. Hein)
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Date:         17 Jan 94 01:33:51 PST
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I'd like to recommend a couple of sources for info on commercial
airliners.  First is "Modern Commercial Aircraft" by William Green
(et al).  The latest volume I have is from 1987 but it is usually
revised every few years.  It has several pages on each airliner
in commercial service and a summary in the back of aircraft operated
by all the world's airlines.  Many of the aircraft have detailed
structural cutaway drawings (taken from issues of Flight International
I believe) and pictures of the cockpits.  I purchased this book at '
a general interest bookstore in Portland.  Well worth the purchase
for most airplane fanatics.

In addition, Boeing has a photo library that I used to get cockpit
photos from and also a series of cockpit posters that may be available
from their gift shop.  If you're ever in the area you can look them
up in Renton.  The Museum of Flight in Seattle might also have the

Finally, the best place to see a cockpit is at the crew training
simulators in South Park (Seattle).  I've always found them eager to
show off their stuff and it would probably be no problem to get a
tour if you tell them what you're studying.  They might also have
detailed photos of cockpits that they use for training aids.  There
used to be a Flight Safety simulator base near Seatac airport that
would have simulators and cockpit photos of aircraft from Douglas and

Hope this helps.
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