Re: ANA 747-400s

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Date:         13 Jan 94 05:07:30 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.868@ohare.Chicago.COM>, writes:
>I picked up a copy of the Jan/Feb 94 Airliners today. On page 12 there
>is a picture of ANA 747-481D JA8963. It caught my eye at first because of its
>"whale" paint scheme. But then I noticed that it had no winglets.
>I thought maybe it was a 747-300 with a typo in the caption, but a closer
>examination of the photo reveals 747-400 type fairings and the boeing
>747-400 logo near the rear door. Are the winglets optional? Is this a
>short range variant of the -400?

Yes.  Yes.
The "Nippon Clip-On" is what you must be referring to.
Since the Airframe life is generally N takeoff-landing
cycles and M hours of flying, ANA (and possibly others)
flies without the wingtips on short flights - and when
they get used up a large number of cycles, they put
the wingtips on and fly them on longer routes to get
the most use out of the airplane.