Books on Commercial airliners

From:         sukhia@ENGR.ORST.EDU (Cherag Sukhia)
Date:         13 Jan 94 05:07:28 PST
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	I am a graduate student interested in Aviation Human Factors,
specifically pertaining to commercial airliners.  Being relatively new to
this domain, I desire to become familiar with all types of modern
commercial aircraft - mainly their cockpits, but also their cabins etc. 
Do any of you have any suggestions as to how I might go about gathering
such information ?  As a start, I thought of taking a look at some basic
books which would detail some of the characteristics, particularly with
illustrations. Unfortunately, other than some generic encyclopedias, my
search has not been very successful - can someone please recommend some
good books/manuals and how I might go about acquiring the same ?

	Upon recommendations from some friends, I have begun looking at 
flight magazines like "AW & ST" and "Flight International".  While these 
have been very useful, I would still like to browse through a 
comprehensive, illustrated book.  As a further attempt to broaden my 
domain knowledge, I have become quite an avid reader of most of the aviation 
related newsgroups where I have found a lot of useful, well moderated 
avaiation related information, thanks to you folks! :)

	There is a chance that the volume of responses may be looked upon as a 
"flood" on this newsgroup - hence, I would appreciate if you could email 
your responses to me directly.  I will be willing to edit/compile all the 
useful responses and post to the newsgroup, if so desired.  

Cherag Sukhia
Graduate Student - Industrial Engg.
Oregon State University