Re: Caution: (757) Wake Turbulence ?

From:         Simon Kao <>
Date:         13 Jan 94 05:07:20 PST
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All this discussion on wake turbulence reminds me of an incident during 
which the L-1011 I was on was adversely affected by the wake turbulence 
of a 747 we were following on climb out. 

It's been a while, but what I recall happening was that on initial climb
out, the aircraft rolled left quite suddenly, close to what seemed like 90
degrees, accompanied by a loud bang from the port engine. After a few
minutes, the captain came on and said "Well, as you may have guessed, we
had a small problem back there -- we ran into the wake turbulence of a
747 -- but there's no problem now and we're continuing to our destination."

I have always wondered what the "bang" sound was. I've been told it was
a compressor stall. Sound right? It is was, that must have been a rather
hairy situation: unexpectedly rolled + loss of an engine!