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Date:         09 Jan 94 00:11:26 PST
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>I picked up a copy of the Jan/Feb 94 Airliners today. On page 12 there
>is a picture of ANA 747-481D JA8963.

>Are the winglets optional? Is this a short range variant of the -400?

You answered your own question -- as the model number indicates it is
a domestic (short range) version of the 747-400, and these do not have

Incidently, that same magazine has an article (pp. 48-49) on carrying
an extra engine under the wing.  This has been discussed in the group
before in the context of the 747 (and maybe 707, I can't recall) where
the spare engine is carried inboard of the #2 engine.  The article
includes photos of both of these as well as a DC-8, a DC-10 (with the
engine inboard of #1), and a VC-10 (with the engine on the starboard
wing).  It also mentions that the L-1011 is not certified for carrying
a spare engine but that the modified RAF versions can carry one inboard
of the #3 engine.

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