Re: Caution: (757) Wake Turbulence ?

From: (Kian-Tat Lim)
Organization: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Date:         09 Jan 94 00:11:22 PST
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The L.A. Times on 4 Jan 94 reported on a study performed by NOAA under contract
to the FAA in Sep 1990 and released to the public in Oct 1991 that claimed that
the 757 created greater wake turbulence (326 feet per second) than any plane
ever tested, including much larger military transports.  A spokesman for the
FAA said that this study's data was not definitive.

In Oct 1991, the British CAA said that the 757 had been involved in a higher
proportion of wake turbulence incidents than other aircraft of the same size,
according to the Times.

The Times also reported that the NASA ASRS suggested to the FAA in Jan 1993
that enhanced wake turbulence warnings be given by ATC to planes following 757s
on the basis of pilot reports, but that the FAA had not acted on these

In the wake [sorry] of the fatal SNA crash and another fatal crash near
Billings, MT in Dec 1992, the FAA on 22 Dec 1993 directed ATC to issue wake
turbulence warnings to planes following 757s, just as they already do for
planes following "heavy" aircraft.

Kian-Tat Lim, [RIPEM available]
Materials & Molecular Simulation Center, Caltech
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