Caution: (757) Wake Turbulence ?

From: (Barney Lum)
Organization: USC University Computing Services, Los Angeles
Date:         07 Jan 94 23:23:08 PST
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After concluding that the crash of a private twin jet (Westwind?)
on approach to John Wayne/Orange County/Santa Ana/SNA on around
the 15th of December was caused by jet wake turbulence, the FAA
issued a warning pilots not to fly closely behind 757s (reported
in The Advertiser, Honolulu).

The smaller jet's pilot was warned sevarl times by ATC that he was
getting too close (two miles) behind the UA jet, with the pilot 
acknowledging.  It was on a short, 20 mile hop from Brackett in VMC.  
Two crew and two pax (In-N-Out execs) were killed.

They're saying separation should be increased to about five miles and 
only mentioned 757s, no other types or generalizations.  Is there anything 
unique about that aircraft that it creates a particularly strong (or 
longer lasting) wake?  Or was the statement made only to focus on the 
situation at hand?

Naturally, smaller aircraft should give a wide berth to larger ones 
regardless of powerplant.