Re: Diff between Air Force 1 and "basic" 747 ?

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Date:         07 Jan 94 23:23:06 PST
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My Job occasionally takes me aboard AF-1 so maybe I can
fill in a couple of details for you guys. Yes it is air refuelable. Max
Pax is 60+. cargo is generally restricted to baggage + items that will be
used in-flight. Any Major cargo required for a presidential trip either
precedes or follows AF-1 on a air force transport.
I wouldn't exactly call it plush. It's a flying office, a comfortable office -
but an office just the same. If you want plush take a look at VIP aircraft
from the middle east - particularly saudi arabia, kuwait, and jordan. The
Blue Rooms are gold plated on these airplanes. The president of argentina
has a 757 you wouldn't believe......