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Date:         07 Jan 94 02:44:51 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.842@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (ab79) writes:
> Karl Swartz ( wrote:
> >Seems to me the MD-80 had a GE engine while the 727 had a Pratt
> The GE36 first flew on the 727 in August, 1986 (AW&ST, 8 Sept 1986). I don't
> think the PW-Allison 578-DX flew on the 727; it was installed on the MD-80
> demonstrator in late '87 or early '88, though.
> As a historical note, the GE36 was specified for the late Boeing 7J7 and
> Airbus offered the IAE V2500 "SuperFan" (V2500 core + variable-pitch ducted
> fan) for the A340 before technical problems in the early development stage led
> to cancellation of the engine.
The MD80 flew with both the Pratt and GE engines I believe (I may have said 
otherwise earlier.  An episode of "Beyond 2000" discussed the entire program
while it was still in full swing (probably 1988.

A sale of MD87 or 88's was made to Delta with the guarantee they were retrofittable
to propfans (UHB's, UDF's depending who you talk to ).  When I worked there our
group spent several long days doing Stability and Control Analyses to ensure
that it would be a promise we could keep but, as far as I know there weren't any
modifications made to the planes for it.  In addition, all we did was guarantee
that it was possible and not how much it would cost or whether it would be

Hope this helps
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