Prop Fans

From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         07 Jan 94 02:44:43 PST
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	I can't believe it, but you are all wrong - the 727 flew only 
with the GE36, while the MD-80 flew with BOTH the GE36 and the Pratt & 
Whitney/Allison/Hamilton Standard engine.  Gee, all my heros prove to be 

	Additionally, there were really two different MD90s.  The 
original one was a UDF powered aircraft that never was launched.  The one 
we see today is a simpler aircraft with V2500s.  The current aircraft has 
no provision for retrofitting with UDFs.

	Where the UDF/Prop Fan action is today is in Russia (and Ukraine) 
where Prop Fans have flown on an Il-76 and a Yak-42 (as testbeds).  The 
AN-70T is supposed to fly very soon in Ukraine.  This aircraft is 
outfitted with four Prop Fan engines.

	I should note that yes, UDF is a registered name of GE's while 
Prop Fan is (was) used to denote the develpments of Hamilton Standard.  
Incidentally, Hamilton Standard holds the patent on the basic concept.

				-Dave Lednicer

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