Re: Diff between Air Force 1 and "basic" 747 ?

From: (Dean M. Bleess)
Organization: University of Nebraska at Omaha
Date:         06 Jan 94 01:54:08 PST
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  747 (NEACP) -say knee-cap is an E-4 (Currently 'B' mod)
  with one of the ACCS (Airborne Command and Control Sqdns)
  at Offutt AFB here in Bellevue, NE (Near Omaha)  It is a
  modified 747-200B's  (NEACP is the Nat'l Emergency Airborne
  Command Post) and is supposed to be the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  and National Command Authority flying command post.  That is-
  in times of a nuclear battle this aircraft is to be the
  place from which the orders for a retaliation may be given.
  There is a set of LF/VLF (Very low freq.) trailing wire antenna
  strands which ay be trailed behind the aircraft in flight
  which are used to communicate with SSBN's.  The longest is
  listed as 5 miles (8km) in length.  (No typo) there is also a
  faired in SHF small dish satellite antenna.  The aircraft is
  also outfitted for secure datalinks, jam resistant communication,
  and is capable of tying into commercial television and radio
  networks and could therefore potentially be used for broadcast
  to the general population.  The aircraft itself and many of
  its communication systems have been shielded against nuclear
  effects (EMP, etc.) and this aircraft IS air-refuelable. (Nose
  just fwd of the cockpit windshield.

-  13 External Communication systems on 46 Antennae using
        a 1,200kVA electrical power system.
-  Mission endurance 72hrs.
-  Unrefuelled endurance 12+hrs.

 E-6 is the Navy TACAMO (Boeing 707 or 720 based) SSBN communications
 aircraft. With the creation of STRATCOM, Offutt may be getting some.

 -DMB SHAS Parts (OMA)