A320 Crash Report (Mont Saint Odile)

From:         Francis.Jambon@imag.fr (Francis Jambon)
Organization: IMAG, Grenoble, France
Date:         06 Jan 94 01:54:06 PST
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  The Official Administrative Report about the accident of the Airbus A320
F-GGED on the Mont saint Odile (usually but wrongly called Strasbourg crash)
has been published. According to the French Radio (France Inter) there are
three main causes for the crash :

1 - Human error : Wrong Descent Mode used.
2 - Human error : Wrong Estimated Situation (too close to the runway).
3 - Technical problem : Wrong value read by the auto-pilot.

  The long report (330 pages) also give a large amound of recommandations
to improve the ATC procedures, the pilots training, and the plane. I do not
have read the report myself so this is just general information from the radio.
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