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Date:         06 Jan 94 01:54:02 PST
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Karl Swartz ( wrote:

>Seems to me the MD-80 had a GE engine while the 727 had a Pratt

The GE36 first flew on the 727 in August, 1986 (AW&ST, 8 Sept 1986). I don't
think the PW-Allison 578-DX flew on the 727; it was installed on the MD-80
demonstrator in late '87 or early '88, though.

As a historical note, the GE36 was specified for the late Boeing 7J7 and
Airbus offered the IAE V2500 "SuperFan" (V2500 core + variable-pitch ducted
fan) for the A340 before technical problems in the early development stage led
to cancellation of the engine.