Diff between Air Force 1 and "basic" 747 ?

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Date:         04 Jan 94 22:52:36 PST
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>Presumably the avionics are substantially upgraded,
>as are the communications equipment on the craft...

Yes, lots and lots of extra electronics.  I recall something about all
of it when they were being built, either 100 miles of wiring or 100
times as much wiring as on a normal 747.

The interior is also somewhat plusher than what you'll find in the
usual commerical sardine can!  :-)

>I also guess that the Air Force 1 planes are the
>longest possible range 747 produced, possibly even
>hung with extra fuel tanks, and that they're mid-air

Each is a VC-25A, otherwise known as a 747-2G4B, which at 833,000
MGTOW are heavy -200B models, but no more so than late commercial
versions.  Both the 747SP and 747-400 (the first of which entered
service nearly a year before delivery of the first presidential 747
due to the extensive AF1 modifications) have a longer range than a

On the other hand, AF1 probably doesn't have all that much cargo and
certainly doesn't have a full passenger load for a 747, so they can
dispatch with a full load of fuel if they want without worrying too
much about the weights.  I'm not sure if they're equipped for mid-air
refueling, though they might be as the airborne command post 747s
(E6s?) are.  In any case I doubt they'd let another plane, certainly
not a tanker, close enough if the president was aboard.

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