Re: SAA crash in the Indian Ocean

From: (Jonathan E. Hardis)
Organization: National Institute of Standards & Technology
Date:         04 Jan 94 22:52:32 PST
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In <airliners.1993.795@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl
Swartz) writes:

>>(which doesn't make a whole lot of sense... how would the flight attendants
>>communicate with the pilots---anyone remember these things??)
>For simple communications they can just use the intercom, as they do
>often on all-passenger configurations.
>Such configs still do exist -- OAG shows both Air Canada and Alaska
>Airlines as having mixed-config 737-200s with the cargo area ahead of
>the passengers.

A couple of summers ago, I was on such an Alaska Airlines flight (from
Anchorage to Juneau, contininuing down the coast).

Just to add what has already been said, there *is* a passageway that the
crew can use to walk between the cockpit and the passenger section.

It didn't seem too strange, except that the passengers were a special case
of cargo.  The seats were on pallets which could be added or removed to
change the proportions, as required.