Re: Reverse Thrust.

From: (Bruce O'Neel)
Organization: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center -- InterNetNews site
Date:         04 Jan 94 22:52:30 PST
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:

>>I saw one AMR's 727 at Rochester airport pushing it self in reverse
>>direction just by its own engines.

>This has been discussed on the net in the past, maybe here, maybe in
> or one of the rec.aviation.* groups.  The bottom line
>is that yes, some jets are capable of pushing themselves back, but the
>practice doesn't seem to be all that common.  I recall mention of both
>American and Southwest doing this, with American most frequently doing
>it with MD-80s.

One thing mentioned was that there was a greater potential for Foreign
Object Damage in these cases.  This would imply that a tail engined
plane would be a better choice.

The great Nyquist lie.  2x is not enough, it just make reconstruction
very very difficult but not impossible.