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>And I can remember seeing a Delta plane with the name "Spirit of
>America" or the like on it, and an EI-xxx registration.

EI-xxx registrations are common because of GPA and I believe some
other leasing companies.  But I'd be really surprised if the same
Delta plane wearing the "Spirit of <mumble>" name also wore an
Irish registration -- this almost surely was N102DA, Delta's second
767.  This aircraft was purchased by Delta's employees by virtue of
various (voluntary?) cutbacks in pay.  As such it certainly isn't
leased from GPA!

The only other named Delta planes I could find were all ex-Western:
a 727-247 named City of Boston (N2823W) and Western's first three
737-437s, respectively Larry Lee (N3301), Wally Bird (N302WA), and
Salt Lake City (N303WA).

I also found two planes with EI-xxx registrations, albeit unnamed.
They're both 737-2T4 Advanceds leased from GPA.

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