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Date:         04 Jan 94 22:52:21 PST
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>what happened to unducted fans?

The biggest appeal to the UDF was fuel economy.  When fuel prices
retreated a bit, so did the appeal of the UDF.  Compounding this
was the risk/cost of the new technology, noise and vibation problems,
and potential image problems of what some might view as a "prop"

Delta's MD-90 launch order actually included the option to convert
some of the orders to a UDF version, but everyone else lost interest.

>I seem to recall that somebody even bolted a prototype onto one side
>of a DC-9 and flew it around.

The prototype MD-80, actually.  I once saw it at Mojave, with an
extra-long pylon but no #1 engine at that point.  Boeing did the
same thing with a 727.  Seems to me the MD-80 had a GE engine while
the 727 had a Pratt, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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