Call for Papers - 22nd Annual Review of Progress in QNDE

From: (Sam Wormley)
Organization: Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
Date:         21 Dec 94 02:17:42 
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Papers are sought for the 22nd Annual Review of Progress in
Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation to be held on July 30 - August
4, 1995, at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. The
Review will be hosted by the Center for NDE, member of the Institute
for Physical Research and Technology at Iowa State University. URLs:

Verbal and poster sessions will be arranged, as in past years, that
emphasize both the basic science and early engineering developments in
quantitative NDE and closely related technologies such as materials
characterization and process control that utilize quantitative NDE and
closely related technologies such as materials characterization and
process control that utilize quantitative NDE techniques. Thus,
categories of the Review will include advances in:

   1. Fundamentals of all QNDE methods (field-flaw interactions and
      field-property relations, scattering, probability of detection,
      inverse methods and their application to flaw sizing and property
      measurement, process models, reliability of measurement and component

   2. Flaw imaging and reconstruction, image analysis, all techniques,

   3. Signal processing methods including application of advanced
      techniques to QNDE,

   4. Sensors, transducers, and probes for flaw detection, material
      property measurement, and process control,

   5. New and emerging QNDE techniques (e.g. NMR),

   6. New QNDE instruments and systems,

   7. QNDE reliability and inspectability,

   8. Materials characterization (properties, stress, processes,
      weldments, corrosion, others),

   9. QNDE for advanced materials (composites,electronic materials and
      devices, ceramics),

  10. QNDE of civil structures and materials,

  11. QNDE in manufacturing design and process control.

Prospective authors are requested to prepare a 200 word (or less)
abstract. The abstract should be typed and include the title, author
(s) and affiliation before the body of the abstract. Abstracts and the
QNDE Submittal Form are to be submitted to:

Center for NDE
Iowa State University
Applied Sciences Complex II
1915 Scholl Road
Ames, IA 50011
Deadline: April 28, 1995

Questions should be directed to Connie Nessa or Sarah Kallsen at (515)
294-9749 or FAX (515) 294-6368. Your abstract will be reviewed by a
program committee, and you will be informed by May 22, 1995, of its
acceptance and whether your presentation will be in a verbal or poster
session for the Review.

As in the past, arrangements have been made to publish the Proceedings
as a hardback volume. Details of manuscript preparation will be sent to
you at the time you are notified of acceptance of your abstract.
Manuscripts will be due on September 1, 1995.

Donald O. Thompson
Director, Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
and Distinguished Professor, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics