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Date:         21 Dec 94 02:17:40 
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(alain arnaud) writes:

> As I recall, the L1011-500 had an active stability system, which
>meant that the aircraft was basically unstable and required computer
> control of the ailerons for safe flight.

The -500 has a wing tip extension of about eight feet (each wing). Rather
than build an entire new wing, Lockheed designed the Active Control
Surface system. This basically consists of a computer, some accelerometers
and actuators to control the outboard ailerons. The purpose of the system
is to unload the wing because of gusts, turbulence etc.

The system can be defered by installing a control rod that adds a trailing
edge up bias of about 8 degrees - not desirable due to the addtitional
drag this creates - but it can be done so it obviously is not a required
system needed to increase the aircraft's stablity.

The next time you see a -500 taxi around, take a look at the outboard
ailerons. You'll see that they are not faired but are trailing edge up.

David G. Davidson
AOL Aviation Forum Leader