Re: Tristar FMC

From: (alain arnaud)
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
Date:         15 Dec 94 05:17:37 
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James W. McNeil ( wrote:
:  On a recent flight from HNL to SEA on a ATA L1011 one of the crew
:  commented that the Flight Management System on the Tristar was more
:  "sophistcated" or "ahead of its time" compared to their 757 FMS.
:  Do any visitors to this group have any qualitiative comparisons
:  between the L1011/B757 FMS's?  Just curious.  

	As I recall, the L1011-500 had an active stability system, which
	meant that the aircraft was basically unstable and required computer
	control of the ailerons for safe flight. In the late 70's this was
	way ahead of anyone else in the industry was doing and certainly
	a precursor of the active controls in the Airbus family and closer
	to Lockheed in the F117.