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>In a recent crash, the pilot set a descent glide slope at what he
>thought was -3.7 degrees.  Since he was in the wrong mode, the computer
>took this to mean a descent rate of 3,700 fpm.  He flew into a mountain.

It sounds like you're referring to the Air Inter crash into Mt. Saint
Odile, better known as the Strasbourg crash.  The official report does
not identify the mode confusion you describe as the probable cause of
the crash.  It does list lists several possible causes, with the mode
confusion listed as "likely" and the other possibilities ranging from
"improbable" to "extremely improbable", but that's not quite the same.
Some folks, having been given a "tour" of the A320 cockpit including
a demo of the FPA and V/S modes find it very difficult to believe this
was the cause of the crash.

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