Re: 747 forced ocean landings -- survival odds

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Date:         14 Dec 94 02:22:36 
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>There's a blazing discussion underway in rec.aviation.misc about
>forced ocean landings of 747s.  At issue are the odds of the plane
>staying in one piece, how long it would stay afloat ...

The subject of ditching (not specific to 747s) has been discussed at
least once in the past in sci.aeronautics.airliners, archives of which
are available for anonymous ftp on and
(Updates through the start of this month should be out there shortly
if they haven't made it already.)

The bottom line, so to speak, seemed to be that an airliner might float
for a surprisingly long time.  I believe much of this was based on a
Pan Am Stratocruiser which was forced to ditch in the Pacific in the
1950s, but don't trust my memory too far.

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