Re: [Q] normal practice if an engine fail @ t.o.?

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Date:         07 Dec 94 01:15:46 
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In article <airliners.1994.1743@ohare.Chicago.COM> Andrew Chuang <> writes:
>I have no doubt that the B747 can safely fly with three engines.
>However, what is the usual practice if a pilot experiences an engine
>failure at take-off on a four-engined aircraft?  I would think many
>passengers would be a little paranoid if they heard strange noises
>(and perhaps saw fire)

I don't know what "normal" procedures are. However, I expect that 
a fire in flight would be evaluated much, much, much differently than a
an apparently normal shutdown of an engine that was not displaying
any leakage or obvious signs of damage. 

>(Last November, a Cathay flight out of LAX experienced a fan blade failure
>during climb.  The passengers on that flight must be glad that the pilot
>did not continue the flight to HKG because there were plenty of spares
>available in HKG!

The example you inquired about appears to have involved a flight 
entirely over land. I feel certain this factor was considered in the
pilots' decision.