Re: turbofan noise

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Date:         07 Dec 94 01:15:46 
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Quoting crossley from a message in sci.aeronautics.airliners
   : surrounding atmosphere.  Newer, high-bypass turbofan engines mix this
   : high-velocity core exhaust with the surrounding slower moving fan
   :exhaust. The net effect is that the jet noise component of these
   :high-bypass turbofan engines is reduced, so that the "fan loading
   :noise" dominates.

I have heard on certain widebodies using GE engines a certain noise at
medium to full power that sounds like a giant gearbox running. The growl is
so pronounced that it actually sounds like you are next to some sort of huge
reduction drive. This noise is even more prevalent from the outside. Next
time listening to a Mets game (if they ever play again) and they are taking
off over Shea every now and then you hear this distinctive sound.

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