Re: extended range twin engine operations

From: (LesPar)
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Date:         07 Dec 94 01:15:45 
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My name is Les Parson. I am in-charge of developing B757 and B767
ETOPS flight planning for Continental Airlines in Houston, TX USA.
We have developed an accelerated ETOPS program for the B757/B767
that is designed to introduce the latter aircraft into service in
MAR 95 utilizing the 180 Min ETOPS authority.. At present, we have
received FAA authorization to operate the B757-200 on 180 Minute
ETOPS authorization after little more than six months of operation.
FAA ETOPS is governed by Advisory Circular 120-42A Extende Operations
with Twin Engine Aircraft. The "AC" calls for a myriad of technical
maintenance requirements in addition to a detailed critical fuel
analysis. I would be happy to answer any technical flight planning
question you may have.
Best Rgds.