[Q] normal practice if an engine fail @ t.o.?

From:         Andrew Chuang <chuanga@iia.org>
Date:         22 Nov 94 12:10:42 
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A few weeks ago, I read in an issue of _Flight International_ that a
Cathay Pacific Airways' Boeing 747 experienced an engine failure during
take-off in Cairns, Australia.  The pilot decided not to return to
Cairns and continue the flight to Sydney (~ 2.5 hrs?).  The airline
defended the pilot's decision by saying that Cathay had a spare engine
in Sydney.

I have no doubt that the B747 can safely fly with three engines.
However, what is the usual practice if a pilot experiences an engine
failure at take-off on a four-engined aircraft?  I would think many
passengers would be a little paranoid if they heard strange noises
(and perhaps saw fire) from one of the engines during take-off.
Furthermore, Cathay's excuse is a little weak, because it should be
fairly easy to arrange a swap with Qantas, since both airlines are
big Rolls operators.

(Last November, a Cathay flight out of LAX experienced a fan blade failure
during climb.  The passengers on that flight must be glad that the pilot
did not continue the flight to HKG because there were plenty of spares
available in HKG! 8-)

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