Re: Q: Banking angle of airliners?

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Date:         22 Nov 94 12:10:41 
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In article <airliners.1994.1733@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Ian Urquhart) writes:
>When Dave Alden says most pilots are reluctant to bank more than 30 
>degrees because of passenger comfort, he's probably refering to US 
>airlines.  I've flown on several non-US carriers, especially those south 
>of the US border, and those boys really like to throw those planes 
>around; perfectly safely of course but they don't seem to be restrained 
>by namby-pamby considerations like passenger comfort or well-being.  They 
>just like to fly!  Less chance of the airline being sued by some 
>over-sensitive passenger perhaps?

Or borderine incompetence?

Autopilots I'm familiar with limit the bank angle to 27 degrees.

The amount of bank permissible is limited by the load permissible at a given
weight and airspeed.  The higher you fly, the higher the stall speed, and
the lower the load factors.  Pilots can typically choose from a 1.2 or 1.3g
protection schedule, which will permit up to a 40 degree bank.

I too have flown on third-world carriers (none south of the border), and
most flights have been professional in all respects.

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