Re: Rear Engined Aircraft

From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         22 Nov 94 12:10:41 
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	The nacelles on 727s, DC-9s, etc. are canted nose up because of 
the downwash created by the wing.  You want the inlet highlight plane to 
be at right angles to the local flowfield, which behind the wing is 
deflected downwards.  DC-9 nacelles are canted up 3 degrees and I believe 
that the 727 nacelles are canted 3.5 degrees nose up.  The nacelles also 
have a toe angle.  On the DC-9, the highlight plane is toed 2 degrees in, 
but the engine thrust line is toed 2 degrees out.  Wing mounted engines 
also have non-zero cant and toe, to match the local flow field.

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