Re: Rear engined aircraft. (727 DC9 MD80)

From: (Richard Hyde)
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Date:         22 Nov 94 00:42:58 
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ScottK1204 ( wrote:
: Someone posted a question on rec.aviation.misc recently that turned into
: quite a joke.  We still did not get an good answer.

Actually, the correct answer was posted several times.  Jack Sommers

-begin quote-
  We must be misinformed here at United, in the maintenance training
Department. I had been told that on the B-727 the engines have a 4 deg.
angle of incidence. The aircraft at normal cruise altitude and speed has a
natural nose high altitude of about 3 deg. The reason the engines are canted
up is because if airflow over the wings is deflected up toward the stubwing
engines. The Boeing 747 (all models) has the same kind of problem with the
inboard (2&3) engines. Air in this case is deflected off the nose/raydome
and into the (cambered in 2 deg.) engines.
-end quote-
I, of course, still believe in the explosive bolts.  I was once travelling
in a 747 that jettisoned *all four* engines in this manner. Took us
*forever* to get to our destination.  :-)

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