Wake Turbulence Experiment

From:         preston@oberon.pps.pgh.pa.us (Thomas Preston)
Date:         21 Nov 94 13:18:58 
Organization: Pittsburgh Public School District
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Hi, my name is Michael Mariani.  I'm an 8th grader at Frick ISA in 
Pittsburgh, and I am conducting a long term science investigation for
the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science on February 4, 1995.  

The title of my project is: "_The Effect of Wing Angle of Attack on the 
Dissipation of Wing Tip Vortices_"  

I want to know if there is anyone in the field, who could assist me in 
designing and building a wind tunnel appropriate for an 8th grader to use.

In addition, what method(s) could I possibly use in order to collect 
"quantitative" data, for example, how could I set up a smoke trail, vary the 
angle of attack, are flaps a factor, etc?

Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance;  I can be contacted via my 
science teacher Mr P at the Internet address below.

Thomas Preston				Science Instructional Team Leader
Frick International Studies Academy	Internet: preston@pps.pgh.pa.us  or
107 Thackeray Street			America On-Line: TPSci@aol.com	
Pittsburgh, PA  15213   USA		412.622.5981 work     412.363.2750 fax
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