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Date:         20 Nov 94 01:59:02 
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>          Engine cert.  First 777 flight   A/C cert.     First revenue flight
>PW4084     Apr 1994       June 1994        May 1995       June 1995 (UA)

First revenue flight is supposed to be c. May 15, 1995.

>P.S.  I once read that Boeing insisted on R-R having their Trent 800 flown
>      on a flying testbed before it is flown on a B777.  I have yet to
>      read about R-R's plan, does anyone know?  (The PW4084 flew on a B747
>      in Oct, 93, and the GE90 flew on another B747 in Nov, 93.)

Both the PW4084 and Trent 800 for the 777 were supposed to flight test
on 747 #1, which Boeing leased back from the Seattle Museum of Flgiht
for the tests.  I never heard of it actually happening, though I can't
quite imagine it making its maiden flight on a still-uncertified

GE used a 747 that they (GECC) owned and had leased to Pan Am for the
GE90 flight tests.

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