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Date:         20 Nov 94 01:59:02 
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>: Now that United has
>: switched the first batch from domestic to international aircraft,
>: they can manage with 90-minute ETOPS for trans-Atlantic flights

>Boeing and P&W are promising 180-minute ETOPS (or 120-, I forgot)
>at day one.

They can promise anything, but there is no guarantee that the FAA will
approve it, and the chances seem slimmer for the JAA.

There's also the issue of the airline itself being certified for ETOPS
and not just the airframe/engine combination.  United is probably in
the best situation in this regard, since they not only have ETOPS
certification but with the PW4000 to boot.  Virgin Atlantic is at the
other end, since they have no ETOPS and very little PW4000 experience
(just their new 747-400s), plus they are subject to JAA's decision on
ETOPS, which may not be as enthusiastic as the FAA.

I fully expect the 777 to debut with at least 120-minute ETOPS, but if
I were Richard Branson or even Gerald Greenwald, I'd want to have a
solid Plan B before plunking down my US$120 million per copy!

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