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From: (Andrew Chuang)
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Date:         20 Nov 94 01:59:02 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:

: United, the 777 launch customer, still wasn't happy about the weight,
: as they wanted non-stop Chicago to Hawaii range.

AvWeek reported the the B777 fuel consumption was 5% better than
predicted.  This is amazing, because I seem to recall that the PW4084
is a few points off of its predicted sfc.  If AvWeek report is correct,
I wonder if the weight is still a big issue.

: >Also, how does the 777 compare performance wise with its competitors, the
: >A340 and MD-11?

Boeing claimed the B777 has significant seat-cost advantage over both
the A330 and the A340, while Airbus claimed otherwise.  I saw a Boeing
comparison chart, the MD-11 is way out of the league.  I think the B777
will be a better performer than the existing A330/340.  However, the
A340 is looking for a new powerplant, then the B777 and the next generation
A340 should be very competitive.

: From what I've heard, the 777 has met or exceeded its fuel consumtion
: and performance goals from day one, in contrast to the well-publicized
: problems with the MD-11.  I don't really know how the A340 did, but
: shortfalls are fairly common.

If I remember correctly, the A340 shortfalls were corrected before the
aircraft was certified.

: While United originally needed 180-minute ETOPS for
: the Hawaiian routes, it would not have hurt too much to keep them
: on 48-state/Canada/Alaska routes at first.  Now that United has
: switched the first batch from domestic to international aircraft,
: they can manage with 90-minute ETOPS for trans-Atlantic flights

Boeing and P&W are promising 180-minute ETOPS (or 120-, I forgot)
at day one.

: Virgin Atlantic chose the A340 over the 777 in part because the 777
: would need ETOPS, which Virgin, with no ETOPS track record, would
: find hard to obtain.

>From what I have read, it seems Virgin is still interested in buying the

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