water drainage from engines

From:         mculver@halcyon.com (Michael Culver)
Organization: Northwest Nexus Inc.
Date:         20 Nov 94 01:59:00 
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Hi all,

I was flying around in that rainy weather that covered the midwest
last weekend, and it provoked a thought.  As we were climbing out of
CVG in a 757 we were in the clouds from maybe 2000 feet up to, judging
by the time it took, above 20,000 ft.  For most of that time in the
clouds, there was a lot of water visible flowing over the wings.
There had to be a tremendous flow of water into the engines.  How do
the engines handle this flow of water and stay running efficiently?

Mike Culver
Bellevue, Washington
Former air traffic control specialist at VNY
Microsoft SQL Server training and consulting