Question relating to turbofan engines

Date:         09 Nov 94 00:51:26 
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I have reading about the construction of turbofan engines
for commercial aviation and have run across two different
approaches to building fans :

		(a) Snubbered fan, and
 		(b) Wide-chord fan.

Would it be possible for someone to enlighten me a little
more on this subject (in terms of the differences in 
performance) and/or point me in the right direction. I did
try (unsuccessfully) to obtain this information from
Rolls-Royce (who have done pioneering work in the design
of wide-chord fan engines) but was informed that data of this
nature was confidential. Any help would be appreciated. 
If you feel that answering through the newsgroup would not
be appropriate, please send me mail at:

Thank you,

Kannan Srinivasan