Re: Cruise Altitude Schedules

From: (John DiMarco)
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
Date:         09 Nov 94 00:51:25 
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  or MIME structure (Dr. Erdelen) writes:

>Over here, there are people - of the ecological mindset - who demand a
>ban on all flights covering less than 500 or 400 km, on the grounds
>that railways would make much more sense for these distances -
>ecologically *and* economically.

One problem with that idea is that in many cases, short hops are part of 
a multi-hop flight. For example, a flight from Kingston to San Diego could 
involve a short hop from Kingston to Toronto, a flight from Toronto to Los 
Angeles, and a short hop from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Because it is usually quite inconvenient for travellers to change their
mode of transportation (eg. to use the bus or train), especially in an 
unfamiliar city, it's much more practical to provide short-hop flights for 


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