Re: Q: Banking angles of airliners?

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Date:         09 Nov 94 00:51:25 
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IR>What are "typical" banking angles (roll) of commercial airliners?
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IR>thanks for any help.

Actually, angle of bank is determined by the desired rate of turn.  A
standard turn is 3 degrees per second (one minute to turn back).

The angle of bank needed to maintain a standard rate turn varies with
the aircraft's speed.  The higher the speed, the higher the angle of
bank need for a 3 degree per second turn.

In practice, an airliner maneuvering in the terminal area probably
requires about 20 degrees of bank to make a standard rate turn.  Most
pilots should be reluctant to bank more than 30 degrees for passenger
comfort reasons.  Anything over 60 degrees is technically an aerobatic

-- Dave Alden
Golden Gate University Aviation