Re: Reverse Thrust on a 757

From: (Edward Graf)
Organization: The Pipeline
Date:         09 Nov 94 00:51:24 
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In article <airliners.1994.1671@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Mazen Saghir writes: 
>While waiting for our flight to take off at DFW, I noticed that two 757s 
>landed and had reverse thrust applied before their front landing gears had

>touched the ground. Is this standard procedure? I though that reverse
>thrust is applied after all wheels are on the ground. 

I fly a 737-300/400 and apply reverse well before the nosewheel touches.  I
understand on the 737-200, the nosewheel must touch before thrust reverser
deployment due to geometry resulting in the thrust reverser contacting the
ground with the nose wheel off.  Because of the design of the newer
aircraft, one can deploy thrust reversers well before nose-wheel touchdown.