Re: Reverse Thrust on a 757

From:         Ralph Phillips <>
Date:         09 Nov 94 00:51:24 
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>While waiting for our flight to take off at DFW, I noticed that two 757s
>landed and had reverse thrust applied before their front landing gears had
>touched the ground. Is this standard procedure? I though that reverse thrust
>is applied after all wheels are on the ground.

To be honest, its not something you think about very much. The
nosewheel on the '37 usually kisses the tarmac shortly after the
mainwheels, and the reversers take a couple of seconds to travel
and a few more to spool up. I think most people start grabbing
reverser as soon as the mains are down. I also think that any trim
change due to reverse thrust is masked by the major pitch down
caused by the spoilers deploying.

On the '37 reverse thrust is available if either radio altimeter
indicates less than 10 feet, or the squat switch is made